Let’s Be brave and Creative

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Let’s Be brave and Creative
Let’s join Lbc we make you brave to speak and creative in making many sentences.
We’ll make English easy for you and we’ll give you a lot of vocabulary which increases your speaking and your writing.
you can try and prove it We give not only speaking but also writis in other that the students will have two skill.

For more info please contact us at:

Office: 021-7721-8672

PHONE : 0812-1298-4988 / 0857-7311-2304

PIN BB :D7FF95CD/ 7D0F755B

Address :
· Dari Arah Margocity : Jl.margonda Raya No 70 ( STM MANDIRI ) Samping SOROOM MOBIL FORD Sebelum Lampu Merah ITC DEPOK
· Dari Arah ITC DEPOK sesudah Lampu Merah ITC DEPOK dari arah RAMAYANA / ITC DEPOK